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Terms and conditions

Rules of circulation on vehicles of AzorBus, Lda.

– The ticket is valid for a trip, used on the day of your purchase and / or according to the date reserved for your trip;

– The ticket is not transferable, being used only by the person who purchased it and only for the purpose at hand;

– The visitors are the ones responsible for their personal property, so the company can not be held liable for any losses and / or damages;

– You should be responsible for your own safety: all seats are equipped with a safety belt, which should be used whenever the bus is in motion;

– You should never stand up when the bus is in motion, once it jeopardizes your safety and the other passengers’ as well.

– Whenever possible, the bus will stop so you can enjoy the scenery and the surrounding areas.

– You should not use an umbrella because, whenever its use is required, the driver will close the bus ceiling, so that you can enjoy a relaxed trip;

– Only one set of headphones is given to each passenger. You must keep it all the way, as it will not be replaced;

– The visitors must behave in a civic way, in order to avoid noise and any other disturbance to the visit. Must keep silence during the explanations contents, contributing to a good environment and a nicer contemplation of the diferent points;

– The visitor is not allowed to: smoke; leave garbage outside the containers provided for that purpose; entering the bus with plants or plants parts; perform any act that may cause a fire; sell or offer commercial and advertising articles, unless previously authorized by AzorBus;

– Access to and permanence at AzorBus premises is not allowed to:

– Children under 13 years old, without responsible adult supervision;

– Visitors in a state that may disturb the good order, especially when visibly under the effect of alcoholic beverages, or narcotic substances; displaying weapons or presenting brief clothing;

– Animals – except guide animals. On this case, no cost is charged to dogs accompanying visually / hearing impaired passengers, if they are in possession of an official document proving the need for such monitoring. This document must be presented to the driver at the beginning of the trip. All dogs should be kept on a short leash and muzzled throughout the trip and must remain on the vehicle floor.

– The company reserves the right to refuse to transport any dog ​​(including guide dogs) if, in the driver’s opinion, it compromises the safety of the other passengers.

In the interests of health and safety, the company policy is to transport only one dog on each bus. No other animal or pets will be allowed under any circumstances;

– The company will make every effort to maintain a regular and frequent service, but it is not always guaranteed, as it can not be held responsible for adversities that jeopardize its proper functioning, such as accidents, traffic jams, malfunctions, events of a different nature, deviations of routes imposed by municipal or police authorities, and others that are not foreseen and that do not allow their advanced communication;

Reimbursement Policy

To receive a full refund, travelers may cancel up to 24 hours before the experience start date in the local timezone. No refunds will be given after that time period.