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Full Day Tour

In this tour you have the chance to get to know Terceira Island hotspots… which are not just a few!
You’ll have the chance to be dazzled by breathtaking landscapes, like Serra do Cume patchwork blanket view; to explore the earth’s womb, by visiting volcanic cavities with unique features, just like Algar do Carvão*.
Besides the exuberant nature that is part of our identity and the agricultural fields dotted with the friendly cows, on this island, you can also find typical picturesque houses; enchanting bays, just like Salga bay, which witnessed heroic acts of local characters, such as Brianda Pereira.
Biscoitos swimming pools are, without a doubt, another point that you will not want to miss!

Terceira offers you a mix of nature, history, culture, sea and much more!

So that you can have a complete Terceira Island experience, we invite you to try a variety of typical dishes, including the magnificent ‘Alcatra’. A delicacy prepared in a firewood oven. A true delight!

All of this in a retractable rooftop vehicle, where comfort and safety are guaranteed!
We recommend you not to forget your camera, so that you can perpetuate every moment!
We believe that all the reasons above should be enough to convince you…
The only reason not to choose this tour is the fear of not wanting to go back home!

Includes pick-up at the accommodation unit.
* Ticket for admission in Algar do Carvão is not included
Lunch is included
Minimum group of 4 people.
For group or family prices, please contact us.
Paypal payments are accepted. PayPal


9 hours


From 9h00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Starting point:

Angra do Heroísmo







Algar do Carvão Cave;



Serra do Cume;



Serra do Facho Viewpoint;



Contendas Area;



Salga Bay.