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Scenic Viewpoint Tour

Terceira Island owns charming landscapes, which you won’t be able do disregard.
In this tour, we take you to some of the best belvederes of the island, that offer panoramic view.
Blended in Terceira Island rural landscape, we find Serra da Ribeirinha viewpoint, having the green fields as a backdrop.
To highlight the landscape, we will find the lush ‘Ilhéus das Cabras’, volcanic formations that we observe from Serretinha Viewpoint, which deserves our attention!
Serra do Facho Belvedere is another point not to miss! From its summit, we observe the beautiful landscape over Vitorino Nemésio’s City, in Praia da Vitória.
The best way to get lost and find yourself at the same time is to contemplate the stunning landscape of the patchwork blanket view that Serra do Cume Belvedere offers.
You will be as dazzled as we are, day after day!

All of this in a retractable rooftop vehicle, where comfort and safety are guaranteed!
We recommend you not to forget your camera, so that you can perpetuate every moment!
What are you waiting for, to choose this tour?

Includes pick-up at the accommodation unit.
Minimum of 2 people.
For group or family prices, please contact us.
Paypal payments are accepted. PayPal


4 hours


Booking required

Starting point:

Angra do Heroísmo




Serra da Ribeirinha Viewpoint;



Serretinha Viewpoint;



Serra do Facho Viewpoint;



Serra do Cume Viewpoint;



Veredas Viewpoint.